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I’m an Inventor, Electronic Engineer, serial entrepreneur, tech speaker, President and Co-Founder of TDVision, ImVR, SanMillanProductions, AlterTraining, architect of AILEENN, honored with a Lumière Award, many standards fellow and investor always looking into the future and making it happen today.

If you want to know more about me, please, keep reading.

I have been an inventor and programmer since very early age. Created my first software development company when I was 13 and haven’t stopped since then. I graduated from Electronics Engineering with emphasis on Digital and Control Systems. Founded several companies for software development, hardware LAN, WANs, plant automation, human resources and custom technology solutions among others.

I founded TDVision in 2003, by drafting an entire solution for the full HD 3D to the home ecosystem using Head Mounted Displays, filed patents world wide and presented it to the world in 2005. Along the way we created different technologies for acquisition, encoding, deployment, decoding, computer generation and visualization of Stereoscopic 3D and Virtual Reality immersive content. Submitted my codec patents to the ISO in 2007 and after a few years of standardization efforts, it was successfully standardized as ISO MVC in 2009, selected as the official specification for 3D Blu-ray. I was honored to receive a Lumiere in 2013 for my contributions to the industry. In TDVision we created several Head Mounted Displays, and multi lens cameras for immersive 3D and VR experiences along with several algorithms needed to create CG VR interactive experiences, used by the Military, Medical and Aerospace industries and now in the 3D and VR consumer industries.

Along my career I had the need to create a small Neural Network for Artificial Intelligence. I used it to automate production plants with data mining and in 2007 I applied the image visualization module on a military project I called «See and Avoid», at the early stage of drones to create a real time 3D geometry and identify the objects in front of an unmanned airplane to take autonomous decisions to avoid collision. After a few years, I gave this Neural Network the name of A.I.L.E.E.N.N., her name stands for Artificial Intelligence Logical Electronic Emulation Neural Network. It emulates the way the human brain works by creating different cortexes of interaction and synapses of any pattern with a polymorphic object oriented inheritance multilayer and multidimensional memory map space neurons along with Fuzzy Logic to understand contexts, predict and forecast results and finding correlation and covariance patterns of any dataset in an unsupervised learning convolutional neural network.

Parallely, I have co-founded some other companies pouring my years of experience in drafting solutions, firmware, software, hardware, patent prosecution, standardization and business strategy. Some of these companies are related to mixed reality like ImmersiON, a spin-off of TDVision and then partnered with VRelia from Spain to create ImmersiONVRelia or ImVR where we strive for the democratization of VR, or the AlterSpace platform also from TDVision an immersive environment we use for training NAVY, Aerospace, Military, Medical and Education simulations. I co-Founded other companies like SanMillan Productions, Quantum Jump Project and Quantum Training Project, some of them under the umbrella of AngelInventum, a company I co-founded to accelerate ideas and turn them into profittable businesses.

I have been honored to be invited to speak at many events world wide to talk about the future of VR, AR, AI, Robotics, Biotechnology and many other exponential disruptive technologies. Some of my latest participations where at the MIT TechConference, International Film Festival, CDI, Immersed Europe, Immersed Toronto, VRSociety, OPENMind, CampusParty, Epicentro, El Pais, Digital Hollywood, AWE, ATSC, MPEGIF, Cablelabs, Futuresource.

Over my carreer I have filed many patents and now I hold over 45 issued patents world wide in the field of 3D Videogaming, Stereoscopic CG render, Stereoscopic encoding, Stereoscopic Decoding, Lightfields encoding, and I proudly ended up being the mexican with the most issued patents.

I want to thank my family, teachers, friends, shareholders, investors, partners, advisors and all the teams that have made all this possible.

What works for me? Take Good ideas, assemble an unparalleled team, connect with key people, find key partners, draft the right strategy, share the same vision, proceed to execution, get the market, adapt dynamically, be as smart, as fast and as strong as you can be.


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If you are interested in contacting me to give a conference, you can write me at Conferencias@angelinventum.com or fill in the following contact form.